Being the first woman in Sweden to graduate with a masters degree in Music Production at the highly regarded; Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Julia Jonas is now embracing a career as a multi talented singer-songwriter, producer and instrumentalist. Raised in Stockholm, but born in Cape Town and with a melting pot of travel and cultural references to draw from in between, Julia s eclectic musical style is often described as: magical, refreshingly raw and at all times honest to her life and experiences. She has recently undertaken a vast array of musical projects, some of these including; soundtracks for film and advertising, ambience and mood setting tracks both live and recorded for events such as fashion shows and interactive exhibitions, even including the guiding of melodies for children s stories.

Julia welcomes any and all new opportunities, she couldn t be more excited to work with and continue to learn from the challenges that both the music industry and the world may present her with, all the while progressing and elaborating on her own musical journey.